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To continuously provide qualified sales talent to sales leaders in order to increase their revenue and sales productivity.

Our Mission for our top sales performers

To continuously strive to promote their attributes and potential so they reach their own career goals and objections

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When an organization does not have the sales associates, sales leaders, and sales executives it needs, the costs are high.

Considering factors such as lost business opportunities, the time and resource required to fill an open position, and the ramp-up time needed for a new hire to begin contributing, it has been estimated that the loss of a top-performing sales associate can cost an organization $1 million or more. These high stakes underscore the importance of accurately identifying the right people for these positions.

Unfortunately, in trying to attract top sales talent, many organizations go about it the wrong way. This wrong approach can cost you millions:

• Poor performing sales associates cause lost business opportunities and high sales cost
• An open sales position costs in lost revenue
• Managers with poor leadership skills lead to turnover of sales talent, slow ramp-up time for new hires, and ineffective sales coaching

ProActivate helps sales organizations build strong teams. Specifically, we proactively help you keep top sales talent at your disposal. We help you build a profile of the skills, experiences, and motivations necessary for your people to succeed. Then, we ensure you have a selection process in place to help you drive sales success.

The result? By ensuring you have top sales talent continuously at your disposal, we help you achieve exceptional bottom-line sales results and lower sales costs.